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Kriss Maxx V2

Belgian Dj-producer addicted to electronic music , sharing his tracks on the belgian underground label "viktorkestral" . Kriss Maxx started to play in 1992 , at 18 years old in the only house-music club ever existed in charleroi "l'eglise"... His clubbing influences comes from the early underground clubs like "the globe","barucci","boccacio","balmoral","kheops" and more.... Known under the name "DJX" till 2009 , he played in a lot of club in south belgium , brussel and north of france... Co-producer with dj IRON D of the mindblowing hit "pleasure" under the name "the squeakers" in 1998. Now, Kriss Maxx continues the art of deejaying in many private party and some club. In june 2012 he launched the Fuel Injection Festival in belgium,nearby french frontier... His music feeling is 100 % underground,playing efficient and non-conventional electronic sounds...

Genre : Techno & Dark Techno

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